HGAPS - About Us
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HGAPS - General Info

Since our inception in 1993, Harrington Group has been providing tools to enterprises to improve and strengthen their cash flow position. Our cost saving solutions include; profit recovery, cost reductions, performance improvements and asset protection management. Our clients include the food industry, manufactures, wholesalers, distributors, and service businesses.

At Harrington Group we have one focus: Do everything possible to ensure our clients’ sustained success.
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HGAPS - Mission
To provide exceptional services that help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance.
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HGAPS - Location
Harrington Group headquarters is in Los Angeles , California , U.S.A.
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HGAPS - Affiliations
Harrington Group is affiliated with TTI Performance Systems, Target Training International, Sandler Sales & Management Training Institute, The Association for Strategic Planning, LC Mortgage Corporation, and The Loan Consultants Incorporated.
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HGAPS - Who We Are
  • Joseph E. Harrington, Ph.D. co-founded the Harrington Group, a management-consulting company, in 1993, specializing in the areas of performance management, profit recovery and asset protection. He created and developed a nationwide web-based system of active loss prevention and asset protection management. His educational background includes a Doctorate in Human Behavior, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. He also holds these three special designations: CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst), CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst) and B.F.C. (Certified Business Finance Consultant).
  • Dr. Nira Ronen-Harrington co-founded the Harrington Group, a management-consulting company, in 1993, specializing in the area of employee screening to attract, develop and retain exceptional people. She is a Certified Professional Mediator. Nira also holds these two special designations: CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst) and CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst).
  • Rob Hupp has over 25 years of experience working with diverse clients to achieve their business and personal goals. Rob has extensive hands-on experience in business planning and development, project and engagement management, client relationship management, and professional development and training. Prior to his current client work, Rob was general manager for a national business consulting and technology services firm. His educational background includes a BA degree in economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
  • John D. Fitzgerald has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Minnesota, A Doctorate of Law Degree from Marquette University and a Masters Degree in Military Law from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He is retired from the Minnesota National Guard and was subsequently appointed to the position of Minnesota State Director of Selective Service, a position approved by the Governor of the State of Minnesota and appointed by the President of the United States through his Director of Selective Service. As the State Director he now oversees the military unit he commanded as well as a Reserve Forces Unit. Mr. Fitzgerald practiced general law for eighteen years and has experience in creating and counseling businesses in various fields and topics. He has been the CEO of several 501(C) (3) corporations ranging from small to multi-million dollar operations.
  • Karl Bunch has been in the Computer Business for over 20 years. He started his own technology business a couple months out of High School and the company was ranked 22nd (1999) and 9th (2000) on INC 500's fastest growing privately held companies in America list. Karl also founded PhatLootz, Inc., a computer gaming company. His experience ranges from designing, implementing, and managing enterprise–scale software implementations. He helps clients use technology to make them more efficient, productive and profitable.
  • Joel Zucker is a graduate student working towards a Ph.D. at the UCLA Human Perception Laboratory.  His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology from UCLA.  He has been involved in the technology industry for over 20 years and has been instrumental in the success of start-up companies and established enterprises.  His experience ranges from programming to engineering department management.  His unique background of Cognitive Science and technology offers an understanding of the balance between the technological edge, and how design can effect overall cognitive performance.
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To learn more about how the Harrington Group helps enterprises protect their assets and improve their performance, click here: Asset Protection, Employee Screening or Financial Services

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