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Harrington Group has one primary focus: Do everything possible to ensure our clients’ sustained success.
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HGAPS - Approach

We believe that operations strategies should be closely aligned to overall business strategy, which we deliver through the design and implementation of holistic and sustainable transformations. Operations have never been easy. Global competition, information technology links, falling interaction costs, and global access to vendors together with escalating shareholder and customer expectations are only making them harder.

With more choices than ever on how to construct businesses, some companies have chosen to divest their operations altogether by outsourcing certain operations. But those who see operations as a problem may be missing strategic opportunities to improve the company’s overall performance and maximize value. Rather than wondering what to do with their operations, company leaders should be asking what their operations can do for them. More… HGAPS - Approach

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HGAPS - Employee Screening

The people within an organization are the key to its success. Companies that recruit and develop outstanding individuals who are right for their jobs consistently outperform the competition. Similarly, organizations that use our Employee Screening System, report that finding the right person for the right job results in a decline in personnel turnover rates and retraining costs, an increase in sales and profits, and better asset and cost control. In addition, employees enjoy a higher sense of engagement and satisfaction with their work.

Companies with a focus on the success of each individual employee outperform companies who have more of a task orientation. Modern corporations are looking to develop the potential of each individual, realizing that a healthy, motivated work force leads to a healthy, profitable company.

Through researching the linkages between key elements of a healthy and profitable business, the Harrington Group has developed a model that describes the path between the individual contribution of every employee and the ultimate business outcome of any company - an increase in overall company value. More… HGAPS - Employee Screening

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HGAPS - Management Infrastructure
Harrington Group has identified and developed five key elements of a management infrastructure designed to support a lean asset tracking & profit recovery operation. The relative importance of each element will depend on the operational setting.
  • Organization Structure
    • Align organizational structure with the asset tracking & profit recovery operating system.
  • Performance Management System
    • Enhance employees’ performance by motivating and developing them in line with the organization’s goals.
  • Continuous Improvement Infrastructure
    • Establish the conditions to sustain lean asset tracking & profit recovery operations over time.
  • Processes for Developing Operational Skills
    • Help to build the skills and processes needed to support a lean asset tracking & profit recovery operating system.
  • Management of Key Functional Support Processes
    • Delivery of functional support to front-line teams and processes.
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HGAPS – Performance Management

Performance Management is a technology for creating a workplace that brings out the best in people while generating the highest value for the organization. The techniques and practices of Performance Management are derived from the field called behavior analysis, the term describing the scientific study of behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis is a branch of behavior analysis that seeks to extend the findings of laboratory research to everyday problems and challenges.

The basic steps of the Performance Management process are as follows:

  • Pinpoint performance results and the behaviors that produce them.
  • Set sub-goals for performance results.
  • Develop a theme for the performance improvement.
  • Plan a variety of positive reinforcements for the behaviors.
  • Plan celebrations for achievement of sub-goals and the final goal or accomplishment.
  • Develop a reinforcement system to track and evaluate the performance results.
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HGAPS - Operations Manuals

Asset Protection Operations Manuals are the “owner’s manuals” for every employee’s position. They will tell your people how to operate their responsibilities and accountabilities for maximum results. They are the authoritative guidebooks of how you want things done in your company. They give you a simple, standard yet very effective way of communicating a lot of information, while giving your people the independence and security they need.

The basic steps for setting up your Asset Protection Operations Manuals are as follows:

  • Make a list of all positions in your company accountable for asset protection.
  • Create performance results descriptions.
  • Assemble manual shells.
  • Identify and assemble manual contents.
  • Identify and assemble position-specific manual contents.
  • Establish system and accountabilities for maintaining masters and distributing updates.
  • Create an implementation plan.
  • Introduce asset protection operations manuals to employees.

The Asset Protection Operations Manual Sections are as follows:

  • Company
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Position
  • Systems

Benchmarks for keeping up your Asset Protection Operations Manuals are as follows:

  • Create and distribute new and revised materials.
  • Update employee and master copies.
  • Survey manuals periodically.
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HGAPS - Customer Reward Program
Harrington Group has created and developed a Returnable & Reusable Asset Reward Program to reinforce behaviors and reward bottom line results. All the following individual elements necessary to bring out the best in customers should be applied in a systematic format for solving asset loss problems, maximizing customer performance and preserving valued customer relationships.
  • Pinpoint
    • Pinpoint the specific results you want first. Then identify the behaviors that will support the desired results.
  • Measure
    • Develop measures for those behaviors and results.
  • Feedback
    • Provide performance feedback that allows a customer to change his/her behavior.
  • Reinforce
    • Identify specific consequences that will be seen as positive reinforcement and reward by the customers.
  • Evaluate
    • Track and evaluate the performance results on a continuous basis.
  • Reward
    • Celebrate an accomplishment with a monetary award.
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HGAPS - Private Investigations

Harrington Group has developed working relationships with private investigators, associations, government and municipalities to track and recover returnable and reusable assets.

Our strategic investigative alliances are operating 365 days a year and offering the following contracted state-of-the-art services:

  • Observation / Educated Eyes
  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Reporting System
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Quick Response Time
  • Field Operations
  • High-Tech Communications Network – DVD & Digital Photos, etc.
  • Divide Geographical Areas into Grids
  • Licensed and Fully Insured Investigators

Ready supplies of returnable and reusable assets are an absolute necessity in operating a successful food enterprise. Returnable and reusable assets are at risk from the public at large and recycling plants. As the pre-eminent asset protection service in California and Nationwide, HGAPS is extremely well positioned to deal with these threats.

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