HGAPS - Benefits & Features
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HGAPS - Concept
HGAPS is a nationwide system that enables companies to manage, track, account, link, recover, and protect returnable and reusable assets. Organizations have asset data scattered among operational and financial systems. We arm companies and users – regardless of skill level – with the tools to easily gain access to that asset data, interact with it, and use it for timely and effective decision-making. The HGAPS system can enable foresight, optimize efficiency, and can give you a substantial competitive advantage.
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HGAPS - Benefits


  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Centralized database – single version of facts for everyone, everywhere
  • Simple and standardized web-based user interface empowers all managers and employees
  • Real-time updates make information instantly available across your network


  • Helps companies avoid unpleasant surprises
  • High level of compliance helps avoid pitfalls
  • Improved governance means fewer recurring mistakes
  • More accountability and alignment across the organization and less buck passing


  • Foresee events with amazing accuracy
  • Optimized, up-to-the-minute monitoring and reporting provides clearer picture
  • Accurate data leads to quicker, smarter decisions and action across the organization
  • Predictive analytics provide proactive and valuable foresight
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HGAPS - Results
  • HGAPS delivers actionable information on every decision-maker’s desktop
  • HGAPS creates value by spotting problems & opportunities faster
  • HGAPS provides immediate detail on what is happening, why it is happening, and what will happen
  • HGAPS optimizes decision-making as managers and employees can quickly identify problems and spot opportunities
  • HGAPS provides automated root-cause analysis for expediting the decision-making and execution process
  • HGAPS focuses on the future, in addition to the present and past, for a complete view of business performance
  • HGAPS automates time-consuming processes from data collection and aggregation to analysis (drill-down & drill-through) and decision-making
  • HGAPS closes the performance loop by automating analysis, forecasting future performance, and making recommendations for action
  • HGAPS effectively manages, aligns, and controls organizational and individual performance
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  • HGAPS gives you substantial cost savings; profit recovery, cost reductions, and performance Improvements
  • HGAPS dramatically reduces business’s internal costs by minimizing staff efforts
  • HGAPS allows staff to concentrate on growing the core business rather than chasing after unresolved returnable and reusable assets
  • HGAPS streamlines the asset recovery process and even allows businesses to submit large groups of accounts instantly via our website. Save staff time by uploading large volumes of accounts in seconds using any standard transfer format or other accounting programs
  • Businesses receive the benefits of using third-party intervention, but don’t incur the high costs associated with on-site services
  • By focusing on solving problems before they actually become problems, HGAPS process is inherently more cost effective
  • The tools that HGAPS provide help businesses reduce their internal costs, recover losses, and improve business’s cash flow
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